Our Disappeared / Nuestros Desaparecidos

A personal journey to Argentina's dark history of "disappearing" political activists
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99 mins
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Through a casual Google search director Juan Mandelbaum finds out that Patricia, a long-lost girlfriend from Argentina, is among the thousands who were kidnapped, tortured and then "disappeared" by the military during the 1976-1983 dictatorship. Juan embarks on a journey to find out what happened to Patricia and others he knew who disappeared, and along the way re-examines his own choices. Using rare archival footage he evokes the dreams for a revolution that would transform Argentina. As he shares dramatic stories told by parents, siblings, friends and children of the disappeared, Juan grieves the tragic losses and shows that when brutal regimes attack the fabric of a country with great impunity, the suffering lasts for generations. And yet now that the children of the disappeared are themselves becoming parents, it becomes clear that in the end, life wins.

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  • Spanish

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