The Optimists

The story of the rescue of the Bulgarian Jews from the Holocaust
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The Optimists tells the story of how the Jewish population of Bulgaria was saved by brave actions of common men and women.


How did 50,000 Bulgarian Jews survive the Holocaust despite the efforts of the government to deport them? The Optimists tells the dramatic story of Christians and Muslims who, at the eleventh hour, secured the safety of their Jewish neighbors. Individuals made a difference. Labor unions, the Bulgarian Bar Association, members of Parliament, writers and teachers, all worked together to change the course of history. By telling their unique and little-known story, The Optimists offers insight into how people can mobilize to protect human and civil rights. The film features role models and exemplary stories, invaluable for students, educators, community leaders, activists and clergy alike. This powerful documentary informs and inspires audiences with its masterful blend of personal and historical narrative, and its abiding optimism in the human spirit.

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