Children of Las Brisas

As Venezuela collapses, three struggling young musicians chase their dreams.
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Children of Las Brisas is a coming-of-age documentary about three young resilient musicians in an out-of-tune country. Edixon, Dissandra and Wuilly struggle to become professional musicians of “El Sistema” music program during a decade, amidst Venezuela’s downfall. It's a story of perseverance that explores discipline and music as tools for survival.


Children of Las Brisas is a coming-of-age documentary about three young and talented Venezuelan musicians in an out-of-tune country. Edixon, Dissandra, and Wuilly, from the Las Brisas neighborhood, struggle to become professional musicians under the aegis of the "El Sistema" music program. It's a story of struggle and perseverance that explores the power of discipline and music as tools for survival. The characters, whose lives are traced over a period of 10 years, represent the tragic consequences of a society taken over by an autocratic regime. We witness the political and economic downfall of their country. In a time when there are over seven and a half million displaced Venezuelans, the film vividly portrays real-life stories behind our reasons for leaving our homeland.

Awards and Screenings

Festival de Cine Venezolano, Venezuela, 2023
Festival Doqumenta _ Queretaro, Mex
Baltic Sea Docs _ Latvia, Baltic Region
ELCO Festival _ Lecherias Venezuela
Festival Cine Campus _ Paris, France
Children's Resilience in Film Awards, NYC + LA, USA
Festival DDHH, Miradas Diversas, Caracas, Venezuela
Festival Círculo de Críticos Caracas
Trasnocho theatre w Q&A
George Washington University, Washington DC
Cornell University, NY
Brandeis University, Mass. USA
Andres Bello University, Caracas, Venezuela
Syracuse University, NY
PRIX SACEM - "Special Jury Award for Best Music Documentary of 2022" AWARD
JURY & AUDIENCE AWARD 2023 Festival International du Film Doc de Martinique
AUDIENCE AWARD – Festival Reflets du cinéma ibérique et latino-américain
2023 SOCIAL CHANGE AWARD- Prime Latino Media, NYC to Luisa De La Ville_Producer
Nomination 2023 Children's Resilience in Film Awards
Nomination 2023 IMAGEN Awards

Director Commentary

Our goal was to document El Sistema, in a different light. It had already been glorified in a few documentaries. We follow the story from the point of view of the children and their families illustrating how their musical education influenced their daily existence and outlook on the world. We met a few kids from the inaugural class of Las Brisas orchestra. Several of them and their families opened their homes to our crew.

Throughout the years of filming we learned that dreams can help people overcome terrible obstacles and suffering. We saw that the discipline and fortitude that the children acquired through their musical education gave them skills that enabled them to survive beyond the context of orchestras and institutions. However, when the children insisted on continuing their musical journey, despite not having their basic needs met, the dream seemed unattainable. As Venezuela began its descent into a failed state, their musical journey was impossible. Our characters had to abandon the orchestra, even though they had attained quite a high degree of competence as musicians.

Our prolonged engagement with these children also allowed us to closely observe the relationship between the Venezuelan government and “El Sistema.” Over the years, this organization was taken over by the regime and turned into an instrument of propaganda, selling the goal of reaching over a million young musicians, while the majority of Venezuelan citizens are left without access to essential services, including healthcare, clean water, electricity, food, and education.

We also aimed to raise awareness to the plight of more than seven and a half million displaced Venezuelans. The film delves into real-life stories, shedding light on the compelling reasons why many of us were forced to leave our homeland, which remains relatively unknown to the world.

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