Another Side of Peace

Grief, Reconciliation and Hope
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60 mins
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Roni Hirshenzon is a 60-year-old Israeli man who has suffered as much as any parent can imagine. Both of his sons are dead. Each died at the age of 19 as a direct result of the conflict in the region. Putting hatred and anger aside, Roni co-founded the Parents Circle, a support group for bereaved families, Israelis and Palestinians together. Another Side of Peace follows Roni's efforts to reach reconciliation and to come to terms with the deaths of his sons. He works with his Palestinian partners to connect with other bereaved families in Israel and the Palestinian Territories. Their message is simple: No More Death. Another Side of Peace provides a provocative and intimate look at the human side of the conflict, and the healing power of communication and reconciliation. This story reminds us that humanity can supersede politics.

Featured review

This film is a valuable contribution to the world community. It shows that understanding and compassion between representatives of two warring groups can lead to peace and reconciliation.
Margrit Rustow
United Nations Subcommittee on Reconciliation


A profounding moving portrayal of people who have been through the hell of the death of their loved ones to the other side. The film will inspire everyone interested in the challenges of conflict resolution and peacemaking. Highly recommended for the classroom. We will use Another Side of Peace for years to come.
Ronald Heifetz
MD, Kennedy School of Government, Harvard University
This film brought our viewers a very personal look at the pain and grief in the region. But it also left them with a sense of hope--hope that common bonds will someday turn the tide against violence in the Middle East. Another Side of Peace is a gem.
Eric Maki
The Public Television Network
Enormously moving. My students are inspired.
Cecile Andrews
PhD Seattle University
Another Side of Peace will break your heart. It is a riveting glimpse of bereaved parents reaching across a great divide to find common ground, and build a road to understanding in the Middle East. Filled with tears of sadness and tears of hope, this is an inspiring film.
Lisa Nussbaum
Library Journal Reviewer
I viewed Another Side of Peace with other journalists. Eventhough we've all seen the goriest, roughest footage, we were emotionally moved. The film gives me a glimmer of hope, and inspires my efforts to show the human side of the news.
Noam Shalev
BBC and Channel 4(UK)
We found Another Side of Peace to be accessible to diverse audiences, including those unfamiliar with the history and details of the conflicts in the Middle East. The film presents personal stories of tragedy and hope, showing that it is possible ot choose reconciliation over revenge.
Patricia Boiko
MD Physicians for Social Responsibility

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