Raananah: A World of Our Own

Aging with dignity in a supportive community
Year Released
Film Length(s)
28 mins


Raananah is an intimate look at one remarkable community and its independent people as they gracefully age. Fifty years ago, a group of idealistic Jewish immigrants formed a summer refuge, Raananah. Through home movies, we see the founders as young people and hear of their lives and dreams. Today we meet these same people at Raananah as they reflect on their lives, their children, and aging together with dignity.

Featured review

If an Irish Catholic in Texas can identify with [these people]...this film has pretty universal appeal.
Mary Margaret Kelly
Center for Studies in Aging, North Texas State University


Raananah makes the eloquent point that the aged were once young...a profound insight to young people!
Judy Kupchan
Educator, Washington, D.C.
A wonderful, sensitive look at...the elderly and the importance of community ties. Any viewer can learn much and be moved by this powerful documentary.
Dr. Richard Levin

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