About New Day Films

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Extraordinary Films From the Filmmakers Who Make Them

Political and Social Documentaries for Educational Institutions and Community Groups

New Day Films offers streaming films and DVDs to educators, community groups, public libraries, and other institutions. Our collection includes many groundbreaking social issue films, winners of Academy Awards and other prestigious honors, and new films from an upcoming generation of independent filmmakers. We focus on distributing educational documentaries, but we want our films to reach the widest possible audience: if you are an individual or a group looking for one of our films, don’t hesitate to contact us.

New Day at a Glance:

  • New Day was founded in 1971 by four feminist filmmakers.
  • We continue to uphold the values that inspired the founders: equitable partnership, powerful storytelling, and positive change.
  • New Day is a cooperative of over 140 filmmakers who share the work of distribution, operations, and leadership — creating a powerful and self-sustaining model for collective work.
  • We are committed to practices of equity and justice in all that we do, including broad-based recruiting, mentorship, and support of under-represented filmmakers through loans for distribution startup costs..

Stream our films directly from this site, selecting the best streaming option for you at checkout. We offer a variety of license terms, from two weeks to life of the file. We also offer customized collections and in most cases files to download. You can also stream our films via Kanopy.

For Customers

You can license a single title, a curated or customized collection, or our entire catalog. We continue to offer rapid fulfillment of DVD orders. You can also find many of our titles on the Kanopy streaming platform.

For Individual Viewers

New Day Films distributes to institutional customers such as libraries, schools, and community groups, and we encourage people to find our films from these sources. Many of our films are available and priced for individual viewers through our filmmakers' individual web sites and other direct-to-consumer platforms. We encourage you to contact the filmmaker for information about affordable individual viewing options.

For Filmmakers

If you’re interested in distributing your social issue film through New Day, please visit our Apply to Join Us page to learn more.

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