The Interpreters

They saved American lives - will we return the favor?
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Nominated for a 2020 Emmy Award, THE INTERPRETERS tells the story of Afghan and Iraqi interpreters who served as a crucial bridge between American soldiers and local nationals. But as a result of their work with the U.S. forces, many have become targets. Now they're struggling to find a way out for themselves and their families.

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The Interpreters needs to be seen.
Christopher Llewellyn Reed


As the American involvement in the war-torn region winds down, these abandoned allies are faced with an impossible choice – wait for the Special Immigrant Visa (SIV) they’ve been promised in return for their loyal service, which may never come, or attempt a hazardous exit route to Europe on the refugee trail. With the threat of bloody retribution against them from the likes of ISIS and the Taliban, hope is rapidly dwindling for these courageous men and women. THE INTERPRETERS offers a tense portrayal of the high stakes of war’s messy aftermath.

This MacArthur Foundation funded 57-minute documentary, finished with support from ITVS and broadcasted on PBS' Independent Lens series, immerses viewers into the little known world of these unsung and all too often forgotten heroes.


...a raw, emotionally vigorous, and, only too often, devastating look into the lives of Iraqi and Afghan interpreters and their efforts to flee home for the United States.
Rachael Kambury

Awards and Screenings

Emmy Nomination - News & Documentary Category, 2020
FLORIDA FILM FESTIVAL - Special Jury Prize Documentary Filmmaking, 2019
Mountainfilm Telluride - Moving Mountains Award, 2018
San Diego Film Festival - Best Military Film, 2018
Fayetville Film Festival - Best Documentary, 2019
Chagrin Documentary Film Festival - Emerging Filmmaker, 2018
DOCNYC, 2018
Big Sky Documentary Film Festival, 2019
American Documentary Film Festival, 2019
Napa Valley Film Festival, 2018
Riverrun International Film Festival, 2019
On Screen / In Person Mid-Atlantic Film Tour, 2019
TRT Documentary Film Festival (Turkey), 2019
Portland Film Festival, 2018
Woodstock Film Festival, 2018
Annapolis Film Festival, 2019
Hot Springs Documentary Film Festival, 2018
AUSTIN FILM FESTIVAL - Best Documentary, 2019

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