A refreshing and poetic insight into the experience of post-traumatic stress disorder told from the perspective of a young Iraq war veteran.

“..opens up a startling world in the shortest of time and forcefully narrates from the inner perspective of a young U.S. soldier in the Iraq War, who is confronted with death and killing.” 

Sehsüchte Festival Jury

Michael Ergo looks like a typical guy in his early 20s but one thing sets him apart, only a few years before he was fighting insurgents in the Iraq war. Cleverly told through the story of Michael’s tattoos – tattoos that mark his personal journey as both solider and veteran, this film is a deep and personal account on one man’s experience with PTSD.


“… this short documentary is a valuable teaching tool because it presents a counterpoint to media depictions of war which begin and end on the battlefield.” 

Dr. Daniel Douglas, Sociology Instructor, Adelphi University, New York

“..it brings forth constructive discussions about the totality of war in ways that a textbook may not.” 

Dr. Sara Salman, Sociology Instructor, Baruch College CUNY, New York.