"Know when to pick your battles"…But, what happens when the fights pick us?
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Momentum is the inspiring film about two friends who find hope, strength and new beginnings in an unexpected way: the punishing sport of Mixed Martial Arts.

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“Beyond inspirational, Momentum poignantly reveals the heart, soul, and capabilities of what humans can do when they put their minds to it."
Mischa Geracoulis
Journalist & Educator


Chris ‘Coco’ Cocores was born into a broken home riddled with childhood traumas–street fighting was a way to cope. By age 25, Chris was an amateur mixed martial arts fighting champion and a month away from the biggest fight of his career–the match that would catapult him into becoming a professional. Then tragedy struck.

In a fatal car accident, Chris lost his girlfriend, his dog, and nearly his life. Left with broken arms and legs and a broken back, Chris was told he may never walk again, let alone fight. Determined to get back in the ring, Chris called his coach, Ryan, a Paralympian who lost his leg to cancer and one of the best wrestling coaches in the world. Together, the pair tackle new obstacles and heal old wounds.

Viewers witness how sports, competition and camaraderie can help overcome adversity and help you to thrive both on and off the mat.


"[Momentum] is relatable and inspiring to youth. To watch two small town boys rise above their challenges makes any kid believe in the power of dreams!"
Amy Jackson
Counselor, Lake Tahoe Unified School District

Awards and Screenings

Official Selection- Mammoth Lake Film Festival
Official Selection- Fighting Spirit Film Festival
Official Selection- Mammoth Flm Festival
Official Selection- Lake Travis Film Festival

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Directed by Lane Power and Michelle Aguilar Ficara

Momentum aims to enrich conversations around the power of using competitive sports and mentorship as tools to heal injury, nurse illness, combat mental health struggles, and overcome addiction.

Ryan and Chris live in a world in which they fight for everything: opportunities, socio-economic stability, family security and health. Through the visceral and exciting vehicle of Mixed Martial Arts, Momentum brings to light individual human stories of these fighters as they navigate personal and professional obstacles.

Momentum is not only about the sport of MMA. It is about the human experience: the importance of resilience, the power of kindness and community, tahe efficacy of setting and striving toward goals to overcome times of trouble.Youth and adults alike will benefit from following these fighters, as they master graceful adaptation, courageous vulnerability and radical resilience.

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