Twitch and Shout provides an intimate journey into the startling world of Tourette Syndrome (TS) told through the eyes of a photojournalist with TS.

What a wonderful, compassionate, funny, instructive, inspiring and flat-out brilliant documentary . "Twitch and Shout" is an hour likely to change your opinions, or change you, period. It doesn't get much better than this.

David Bianculli, the New York Daily News

An emotionally absorbing, sometimes unsettling, and ultimately uplifting film about people who must contend with a society that often sees them as crazy or bad--and a body and mind that won't do what it's told. Tourette Syndrome (TS) is a genetic disorder that can cause a bizarre range of involuntary movements, obscene vocalizations and compulsions.


 As estimated 100,000 Americans have severe forms of Tourette's with many more displaying mild symptoms. It's an experience of constant being, a state of excitement and stimulation. It's also and experience of being misunderstood constantly, sometimes of being stigmatized." says photojournalist Lowell Handler, whose interviews and photo sessions with other Tourette suffers is the backbone of Chiten's film. A singer named Desiree Ledet, whose eyebrows dart up, tells of unintended come-ons, sent to make customers at her daytime waitressing job. Artist Shane Fistell describes how his hyperkenetic behavior often frightens people in movie theatres.  Chiten reveals the full humanity of people who often live on the edge -- and on the edges of society. "I know these people personally," she says. "They were not just subjects for me, They were giving me their lives and making themselves vulnerable. I tried to take their vulnerability and show it to the world."

The Boston Globe Magazine

It enlightens us--in the full meaning of the word--by throwing the light of understanding on what we don't know and therefore fear. Highly recommended. Editors choice.

Video Librarian

A gem of a film which conveys the human side of Tourette Syndrome in a way that no textbook ever can. I will continue to use it as a key teaching tool in my courses.

Edward A. Kravitz Professor, Harvard Medical School

"Twitch and Shout" powerfully conveys the richness and range of Tourette Syndrome from the inside.

Oliver Sacks