The Jew in the Lotus

One man's spiritual awakening in India
Year Released
Film Length(s)
60 mins


In 1990, eight Jewish delegates traveled to Dharamsala, India, to meet with the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet and share 'the secret of Jewish sprititual survival in exile.'


When writer Rodger Kamenetz was invited to go along to chronicle the event, unexpectedly, his whole life changed. Kamenetz begins an intense personal journey that leads him back to his Jewish roots. As he discovers, sometimes you have to go far away to find your way home. Inspired by Kamenetz's best selling book, award winning filmmaker Laurel Chiten's (Twitch and Shout) new documentary fills in what the book left out. Focusing on the authors' particular odyssey of suffering and the role of spirituality as a universal theme, this film touches audiences on deep emotional levels. It does not put itself forth as a definitive look at Judiasm or Buddhism but is a complete portrait of a man who is still in the process of formation.

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