One + One is a powerful film about serodiscordant couples (of mixed HIV status) living with HIV and AIDS.


Video Librarian

One + One is a powerful film about serodiscordant couples (of mixed HIV status) living with HIV and AIDS. John and Noel are in a panic. The condom broke during sex, and John happens to have AIDS. Joanne breaks down when the counselor asks about her HIV-positive husband Robert. In their six-year marriage, Joanne has been tested twice a year, each time more stressful than the last. One + One takes an unflinching look at the lives of these two couples of mixed HIV status--one straight, one gay--as they navigate the physical and emotional minefield inherent in every serodiscordant relationship. This poignant film gives insights to how serodiscordant couples cope with the difficult task of living with HIV on a daily basis, and the deep bond they share because of it.


ONE + ONE explores the relationships of two HIV sero-discordant couples - it gives us a glimpse of people who have chosen to love in spite of fear. Painfully human, wondrous and inspiring, the film forces viewers to examine their own misconceptions of what it is like living with HIV. As an HIV positive man in a sero-discordant relationship, I found One + One remarkably truthful. As an educator, I highly recommend this film for social work, psychology and other human services curricula.

Phil Meyer, M.S.W., L.C.S.W. Lecturer School of Public Policy and Social Research University of California, Los Angeles

This documentary is insightful on every level, but especially in depicting the intricate psychological link that is formed between negative and positive partners.

Alistair McCartney, A & U Magazine

This moving program opens viewers' eyes to the obstacles these and similar couples face.


ONE + ONE presents an opportunity to witness the unique psychosocial issues faced by two HIV sero-discordant couples. This compassionate and sensitive documentary would enhance training programs; it is a valuable educational tool. Through the gracious openness of the couples, the viewer learns intellectually and emotionally.

Mickie Robbins LMFT - Mental Health Department AIDS Project Los Angeles