Celebrating New Day Films 2022 New Releases

Class of 2022 collage of film posters for New Day Films new releases of 2022

A turbulent year is coming to an end, and New Day Films has been there with fingers on the pulse, in the thick of it all.

As we've done for the past 51 years (!), our filmmakers have addressed the social and political issues of the day, with vision and creativity, in ways that generate discussion, critical thinking and social action.

Some of the topics and subject matter covered by our 2022 New Releases involve:

- Mental health and suicide; an ocean's-eye views of climate change; anti-Asian violence; college prep competition pressures; autism identity…

As well as:

- the aftereffects of war and trauma; slavery reparations; deportation struggles; teens navigating divorce; environmental refugees; white supremacy…

Not to mention:

- New York City Land Trusts; surviving prison; prospecting for gold; Cuban youth brigadistas; the science of memory, and Jesus revisited.

Here is a list of our 2022 New Releases. Please click on the links below for more info:

Thank you for supporting New Day Films! In these fast-changing times, New Day Films will help unpack the stories that are making a difference, offer fresh perspectives, and help students, educators and the public-at-large grapple with the social issues affecting our communities and the world around us.

Visit our full collection of films at newday.com.

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