Luisa De La Ville

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I’ve always been a filmmaker. During the recent 20 years, I’ve worked mostly as producer of fiction and documentary feature films. Before that, I worked in many other areas, such as Assistant Director, Editor, Script Supervisor and TV Director.

I produced the documentary, Children of Las Brisas which continues on the festival circuit. It has been a rewarding emotional journey witnessing how well it has been received and has won numerous awards worldwide.

I live in New York City and besides film, I love to travel, cook and transform textiles and wood.

Luisa De La Ville is a Venezuelan filmmaker based in New York City. She is an experienced filmmaker with over 45 years in the industry. Over the past 25 years, she has primarily worked as a producer for both fiction and documentary feature films. Prior to that, her versatile roles included Assistant Director, Editor, Script Supervisor, and TV Director. She also teaches film workshops and is a co-founder of ABICINE, the Social Welfare Network for Venezuelan Filmmakers.

Among her extensive body of work, she produced four fiction films and her recent documentary, "Children of Las Brisas," which had its World Premiere at Sheffield Doc Fest in the UK in June 2022 and its North American Premiere at DOC NYC in November 2022. Children of Las Brisas reached a wide audience through its broadcast on Independent Lens/PBS, France Televisions, and EO Holland and many other festivals and screenings worldwide. It has been very successful in the educational distribution, as well.

She has also worked in international films, including Arachnophobia, Dragonfly, and Lost Worlds. As well as on numerous acclaimed Venezuelan films, such as My Straight Son (winner of the Goya Award, 2012), El Enemigo, Una Vida y Dos Mandados, Taita Boves (recipients of many awards) and Oriana (which received the Cannes Award, 1984).

While managing the distribution and festival circuit for Children of Las Brisas, Luisa is developing two upcoming documentaries. One explores the achievements of talented musicians of the Venezuelan diaspora in the United States.

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