Thy Will Be Done follows Male-to-Female Transsexual Sara Herwig in her journey to ordination in the Presbyterian Church. 

".....essential viewing for any family members dealing with similar issues."

Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

The Church's conservative groups do not recognize Sara as female and challenge her fitness and eligibility to be a pastor. In addition, it is crucial to Sara's success that she has support from friends and family. The documentary explores the way in which alternative lifestyles and permanent choices of identity have the power to tear a family completely to pieces, only to bind it back together again, more closely but differently, than it has ever been before. Thy Will Be Done highlights that point of tension where gender, family relationships and faith intersect as contextualized in the Presbyterian Church in particular, and in the broader religious community in general.


"This film is so powerful in opening up the issues, and dispelling stereotypes...... The tension between the religious aspect and the transsexual aspect is truly a powerful juxtaposition that causes us to think deeply, reconsider, reframe, and continue to explore."

Dr. Sylvia Cowan, Professor, Intercultural Relations, Lesley University

"This extraordinary film is a 'must see' for every family and church...and is a wonderful contribution to transgender education particularly from a faith perspective."

Dr. Michael J. Adee, Former Exec. Director, More Light Presbyterians, USA

"The film is a poignant, prophetic and tender witness to the kind of transformation that can happen when a 21st century 'David' challenges any contemporary cultural or institutional

'Goliath'.  No one is left untouched; no one is left unharmed; no one is ever the same". 

Reverend Lyn Brakeman, Episcopal Diocese, MA