With blunt and sometimes hilarious candor, children from over 50 diverse families open the door to their homes, and explain things like "divorce," "mixed race," "gay and lesbian," "birth mom," "single parent," "guardian," and "stepdad" -- and get right to the point of what they wish other people would understand about their families.

"That's a Family! is an extraordinary film that teaches a poignant lesson about love and family."

Robin Williams, Actor

While designed especially for young audiences, That's a Family! stretches the minds and touches the hearts of people of all ages. From the makers of It's Elementary, this fresh look at the changing American family breaks new ground, and once again lets children lead the way in preventing prejudice and embracing diversity.


"Enlightening without being didactic, this sterling production is an excellent resource to get kids talking about cultural diversity and family life."

American Library Association

"I love That's A Family! I use it for both my undergraduate and graduate courses on Children and Families and Cultural Awareness for Young Children. It covers all of the family structures teachers will encounter in our increasingly diverse classrooms. There is always positive feedback and lengthy conversations about how teachers should be prepared to handle a variety of situations, even if they make them uncomfortable initially. Plus the resource book that comes with the film has book lists for the different family structures, and a plethora of suggested activities—which pre-service and in-service teachers love."

Dr. Shanna L. Graves, The Education Digest

"The film is very simple, but also extremely moving and powerful. The fact that it is told strictly from the point of view of the children gives the film a sincerity that comes through very strongly."

Selina Wang, MC Journal: The Journal of Academic Media Librarianship

"Every parent, educator and policymaker should be concerned about school violence. By reflecting the true diversity of American families, That's a Family! breaks down intolerance and promotes true understanding first step toward making our school safe for all children."

Senator Barbara Boxer

"...this top notch production aimed at elementary and middle school aged kids may go a long way toward assuaging children's fears of being 'different,' while also hopefully enouraging tolerance in general."

R. Pitman, Video Librarian

"Recognizing diversity as a promise and not a threat, 'That's a Family!' helps children to feel understood and appreciated instead of condemned because of their family."

Rev. Dr. C. Welton Gaddy, Executive Director, Interfaith Alliance

"That's a Family! is a superb video production. It provides a wealth of material that can produce hours of productive conversation about the many ways in which people become families. The use of children speaking in their own voices about their experience of family is especially successful. I heartily recommend this video."

Don-David Lusterman, PhD, Fellow, Academy of Family Psychology

"Families encompass both traditional and nontraditional structures, and include a broad range of ethnicities. This film will help children recognize that, while families may look different from one another, their ultimate goal to love and support their children is universal."

California State Senator Dede Alpert, Senate Education Committee

"The children's voices are compelling [and] they eloquently debunk stereotypes about children from non-traditional homes. That's a Family! should be shown widely across America."

Alvin F. Poussaint, Professor of Psychiatry, Harvard Medical School

"One of the best new resources I've seen for addressing diversity with children. I highly recommend it, not only for young students but for training for teachers, social workers, and service providers."

Jill Moss Greenberg, Executive Director, National Association for Multicultural Education

"A must for every elementary school classroom. These children's insights about their families must be heard by all who are committed to helping our nation's children understand and celebrate difference and diversity."

Michele Harway, PhD., President, American Psychological Association Division of Family Psychology

"My favorite part of the movie is seeing people that are adopted like me. I think this movie should be shown at my school because people get teased at my school."

Matt, age 8

"You have done a wonderful, stupendous, great, two thumbs way up, fabulous, well done, on the extreme level, fantastic, really good, magical, amazing, marvelous, great performance on this wonderful movie, and please make more until they understand the way that we do."

Gabriel, age 9

"The film is really cool. I never knew what a guardian was. I thought it was some guy with a sword to protect you, but now I know it's a person who helps take care of you, or takes care of you altogether."

Kyle, age 11