City of Borders provides an original view of the vibrant underground community at Jerusalem's only gay bar where people of opposing nationalities and religions create an unexpected island of peace in a land divided by war and hate. This powerful and provocative documentary intimately portrays the daily lives of five patrons as they navigate the minefield of politics, religion and discrimination while challenging society's greatest taboos.

"Vibrant documentary"

LA Weekly

Set against the construction of the separation wall between Israel and the Palestinian territories and the struggle for a gay pride parade in the Holy City, these five inter-woven stories reveal the contradictions and complexities in the struggle for acceptance. In observing the lives of the bar regulars, City of Borders explores the bond forged when people from warring worlds embrace what everyone shares in common - the right to be accepted and belong - rather than be defined and divided by their differences.


"This is a phenomenally intimate documentary which challenges its audience on multiple levels."


"A brilliant documentary about the uniting force of being an outcast in a perpetual warzone. A detailed, informative and hugely funny documentary I'm sure you will enjoy"


"Sublime non-fiction slice of life"

Bay Area Reporter

"Involving personality mix and balance of intimate/public dramas make the pic seem fuller than its slim running time."