Yun Suh

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Yun Suh’s love of visual storytelling sparked at age 8 when she immigrated to Connecticut from South Korea without knowing a word of English. Television and movies became a vital classroom where she learned the language and the American culture.

She is the Producer, Director, and Writer for the award-winning documentary City of Borders, which follows the community at the only gay bar in Jerusalem where Israelis and Palestinians share common need for belonging and acceptance while facing extraordinary risks for challenging society’s greatest taboos. City of Borders premiered at the 2009 Berlin International Film Festival where it won a special Teddy (Audience) Award and continues to screen worldwide from Toronto to Tokyo.

Suh began her media production while working as a journalist in broadcast radio and television news for over ten years. As a journalist, she has traveled around the globe from Panama to Palestine. Her journalism nominations include Best Radio Documentary for Sabra & Shatilla (2003), on the survivors of the 1982 massacre of Palestinians in Lebanese refugee camps, and an Emmy nomination for news feature Comfort Women (2001), a story of an illiterate Korean woman who paints to break her 50-year silence on being forced into sexual slavery by the Japanese Imperial Army. Prior to journalism, Suh studied biology, psychology and poetry at University of California at Berkeley. Her poetry has been anthologized in several books including two volumes for the National Library of Poetry. She currently serves as the co-president of Asian Women United to fund creative works by and for Asian American women.

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