How to Prevent a Nuclear War

An upbeat practical guide to effective grassroots organizing.
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30 mins


How To Prevent A Nuclear War is a refreshingly upbeat and compelling look at the kinds of activities that Americans engaged in to lessen the threat of nuclear war. It is a film about grassroots democracy in action - featuring unforgettable vignettes of people working for peace in their communities.

The film includes a cameo appearance by Tom Lehrer and a spirited cabaret rendition of his satirical ditty "We Will All Go Together When We Go".

Featured review

I loved it! This movie makes peace work as appealing as motherhood and apple pie.
Dr. Helen Caldicott
Dr. Helen Caldicott


Featured in fifteen unforgettable vignettes, are activists of all types, including a suburban housewife who stuffs pamphlets in the pockets of fellow skiers while riding the ski lift, a group of small town citizens who visit their congressman, a shipyard welder, a high school student, a flight attendant, and the founder of an inner city gospel choir who conducts a Concert for Peace.

Also featured are Phil Morrison, a physicist who worked on the Manhatten Project and songwriter Tom Lehrer. They all speak about their commitment to and their activities in support of a world free of nuclear war.

This film is a testament to the power of individuals and the strength of grassroots action. It will leave viewers with the feeling that they can and must make a difference.


This video lights up the TV and lifts up your heart.
Robert Schaeffer
Nuclear Times Magazine
Excellent - and extremely effective! This is not just a film for peace groups - it is a film for any group concerned about our future.
Abigail Avery
Honorary Vice President Sierra Club
Contagious exuberance and down-to-earth inspiration... Unforgettable glimpses of ordinary people engaged in building peace now.
Sylvia Cabot Pigors
Disarmament Action Network
Brandon has produced the film that organizers have been waiting for - the film that tells you not just how bad things are, but what you can do about it!
Anne Gallivan
Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility

Awards and Screenings

Blue Ribbon, American Film Festival
Women in the Director's Chair Festival award
Festival Award, Columbus International Film Festival
Best Films of the Year, Choice Magazine
Bronze Award, Houston International Film Festival
Museum of Modern Art
Brattle Theater, Cambridge, MA

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