"This heartfelt and thoughtful exploration explodes expectations and illustrates the commonality of people despite distinctions of age, gender, and race. A multiaward winner, Stages would be excellent viewing for those studying social and women’s issues, immigration, drama, or art."

Charli Osborne, Oxford P.L., MI Library Journal

Stages is a moving and surprisingly funny vérité exploration of the unexpected power of the simple act of storytelling.  In New York City's oldest community center, a group of older Puerto Rican women and urban teenagers come together to create an original play out of the stories of their lives. Weaving together themes of immigration, identity, aging and coming of age, Stages offers an intimate portrait of an unlikely ensemble, transformed by the liberating power of their own stories-- first as they are spoken across generations, and later when they are performed for a sold-out show.

A rare feat in non-fiction filmmaking, Stages was collaboratively directed by twelve members of the award winning Meerkat Media Collective. 


Recommended by educators as an excellent teaching tool for courses in:

Arts Management
Art Therapy
Ethnic Studies
Hispanic Studies
Immigration Studies
Media Studies
Social Work
Women's Studies
Urban Studies


"Stages is a wonderful resource for anyone interested in initiating dialogue about the way we think about older adults and growing older -- which is relevant to us all! It is also a beautiful and truly moving film."

Dr. Mark Bilkey. Adler School of Professional Psychology

"This film will be a wonderful addition to the social work curriculum.  An intergenerational  project brings youth and elders together to develop a theater presentation.  Community centers provide the venue.  Excellent group work is used to facilitate personal and group development.  Ethnic diversity among both the elders and the youth adds richness to the film. The final performance is moving and inspiring.   This film models the empowerment process." [Stages] is great for many teaching different purposes, community organization, group work, using theater for development, development among elders, intergenerational interaction. The diversity in the film adds to its value as an educational tool.  I think this film would be useful for many social work courses and no doubt for many other academic programs. Because gerontology is now an especially important focus in the social work curriculum, this film meets a current need. An excellent film!"

Susan A. Murty, Ph.D. School of Social Work, University of Iowa

"A powerful, evocative, story of cross-generational connection and meaning-making in life. A must-see and a perfect choice for classes in the social sciences and the humanities."

Carl Barenboim, Ph.D. Sarah Lawrence College

"At times humorous and at others heartbreaking, Stages' greatest strength lies in its eclectic and fascinating characters as they struggle with self expression and the emancipating power of art. What ensues is a careful look at the silent division between young and old which can only be illuminated through the perspective of other and makes for mesmerizing film."