Blackfire: a Native American punk-rock band with a message attempt to transfer their dark history of forced relocation, racism, and human rights violations, into a form of creative expression and youth empowerment.

“This documentary presents a story where there is an opportunity to dream big. Native youth can do these things, travel, pursue music – if they put their hearts to it.”

Megan Red Shirt-Shaw Admissions, University of Pennsylvania

Punk rock and human rights don’t necessarily share a common cause but for the family band Blackfire, their music and their message are integral parts of a solid identity. Born in the Navajo Nation, Arizona, the band mix electric guitars with traditional chanting and rhythms. Including high-energy concert scenes, stunning cinematography, and intelligent conversations on the issues facing Native American youth, this rock documentary tells the personal lives of one family and a band fighting for what they believe in.


“Depicts the juxtaposition of the old and the new—of traditional art forms and modern “punk rock”—as young Navajos struggle to maintain important elements of their ancestral culture.”

Richard Feinberg, Professor of Anthropology Kent State University

An intimate glimpse of a family band creating songs as a tool for positive social communication and cultural change from lingering discrimination.”

Richard Moyle Honorary Research Professor, Centre for Pacific Studies, University of Auckland Professor, Queensland Conservatorium of Music Research Centre, Griffith University