How To Prevent A Nuclear War is a refreshingly upbeat and compelling look at the kinds of activities that Americans engaged in to lessen the threat of nuclear war. It is a film about grassroots democracy in action - featuring unforgettable vignettes of people working for peace in their communities.

The film includes a cameo appearance by Tom Lehrer and a spirited cabaret rendition of his satirical ditty "We Will All Go Together When We Go".

I loved it!  This movie makes peace work as appealing as motherhood and apple pie.

Dr. Helen Caldicott

Featured in fifteen unforgettable vignettes, are activists of all types, including a suburban housewife who stuffs pamphlets in the pockets of fellow skiers while riding the ski lift, a group of small town citizens who visit their congressman, a shipyard welder, a high school student, a flight attendant, and the founder of an inner city gospel choir who conducts a Concert for Peace.

Also featured are Phil Morrison, a physicist who worked on the Manhatten Project and songwriter Tom Lehrer. They all speak about their commitment to and their activities in support of a world free of nuclear war.

This film is a testament to the power of individuals and the strength of grassroots action. It will leave viewers with the feeling that they can and must make a difference.


This video lights up the TV and lifts up your heart.

Robert Schaeffer, Nuclear Times Magazine

Excellent - and extremely effective! This is not just a film for peace groups - it is a film for any group concerned about our future.

Abigail Avery, Honorary Vice President Sierra Club

Contagious exuberance and down-to-earth inspiration... Unforgettable glimpses of ordinary people engaged in building peace now.

Sylvia Cabot Pigors, Disarmament Action Network

Brandon has produced the film that organizers have been waiting for - the film that tells you not just how bad things are, but what you can do about it!

Anne Gallivan, Greater Boston Physicians for Social Responsibility