Voices From Inside

Women prisoners and their children speak out
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Women prisoners and their children speak out.

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I found it beautifully made and very moving. It is so important for us on the outside to realize what treasures are hidden away on the inside.
Susan Sarandon
Susan Sarandon


Inside a federal women's prison a German born theater artist encourages a racially mixed circle of women to find their own voices through poetry and creative expression, and meets their children on the outside. The prisoners share their life stories and experiences of prison life. Voices from Inside shatters stereotypes about crime, criminals and race. An inspiring experiment in breaking the walls with love!


A stunning film: moving, just right! It gives a very valuable picture of how women come to be in prison, and the futility of keeping them there.
Leslie Acoca
Writer and Senior Researcher, National Council on Crime & Delinquency
Every legislature that lavishes money on building prisons--and starves programs that rebuild dignity--should be put in a room with this unforgettable story of four women's lives.
Gloria Steinem
Gloria Steinem
Voices from Inside challenges the current direction of prison law that is moving rapidly toward vindictive rather than rehabilitative imprisonment. Karina Epperlein's sensitively rendered story of four women able to recover their humanity even inside prison walls, poignantly illustrates the positive, life-affirming value of creative rehabilitation as a path for prisoners to discover the roots of their rage, to gain insight into its sources, and to prepare themselves for a productive life upon release.
Janet Bogdan
Teaching Sociology
Voices from Inside inspires and challenges us all on the outside to remember and connect with those living behind prison walls. As someone who works directly with the prisoner rights movement, I commend Karina Epperlein for providing us all with an excellent tool for organizing. I encourage you to buy or rent a copy and show it to a group.
Susan Phillips
Turning Wheel: Journal of the Buddhist Peace Fellowship
The women and their children give us a powerful understanding of how prison impacts on their lives. Extraordinarily insightful!
J. Herman Blake
Vice Chancellor, Indiana University (Purdue)
A tribute to the healing power of the human spirit: these women challenge us to heal our entire society.
Barbara Christian
Professor of African American Studies, UC Berkeley
Unique in its evocation...recommended.
Library Journal
Library Journal

Awards and Screenings

Finalist, USA Film Festival
PASS Award, National Council on Crime Delinquency
Arizona International Film Festival
Denver International Film Festival
Windy City International Documentary Festival
Charlotte Film and Video Festival
PARNU International Documentary Film Festival

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