Beauty In The Bricks

Black teenage girls growing up in a housing project.
Year Released
Film Length(s)
29 mins


A vibrant and poignant film that tells the story of the aspirations and frustrations of four African-American teenage girls growing up in an urban housing project. Goes beyond stereotypes.

Featured review

. . .presents personal pride and healthy development rather than social pathology and revolutionary change.
Voice of Youth Advocates


What 20 years ago was a positive look at four African American teenage girls growing up in an urban housing project in East Dallas, today remains an uplifting film that goes beyond cultural stereotypes.

During a Dallas Girl’s Club meeting, the program director invites the girls to a gala dinner to meet important black women who have “achieved something” emphasizing to the girls that it is important to be exposed to activities outside the projects.

The film captures the energy, determination, and creativity of the four friends and reminds the audience that the hopes and dreams of these girls, like those of many teenagers, may come true.

A film to inspire girls from all backgrounds and ethnicities.


Bronze Award Winner--Documentary Films/Ethnic and Cultural Festival of The Americas
Houston International Film Festival
Nationwide broadcast

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