What if you are made to feel ashamed when you speak your “mother tongue” or ridiculed because of your accent? “Pidgin: the Voice of Hawai’i” addresses these questions through its lively examination of Pidgin - the language spoken by over half of Hawai’i’s people.

This film poignantly explains how language creates a sense of belonging in a society pressured to conform to the dominance of English.  It is essential viewing for language educators, parents, and college students, especially in linguistics and Asian-Pacific Studies.

Christina M. Higgins, Associate Professor, Second Language Studies, University of Hawai‘i


A must-see for any class or workshop investigating the intersection of culture, identity, and language.  This documentary gives voice to the very people whose voices we rarely hear.

Lei-Anne Ellis, Department of Human Services, City of Cambridge, Massachusetts

This joyful film is a thoughtful, well-researched work on identity, everyday life, and speaking one's mind in one's own tongue.

Filmmaker Magazine