The Land is a short documentary about a Welsh adventure playground of the same name. Since its premiere at the Full Frame Documentary Film Festival, The Land has been used widely by educators, play advocates, designers and parents as a tool to launch robust conversations about play, risk, freedom and children's culture.

"A must-see for anyone interested in play. Period."

Amy Fusselman, Author of Savage Park

The Land is a junkyard playground where children are free to do anything they want with whatever they can find. A staff of uniquely trained "playworkers" support the play driven by the belief that children deserve the opportunity to control the content and direction of their own play. 


"A horror film for hover parents."

Festival viewer

"A great conversation starter... A stunning piece of work." 

David Plotz, Slate Political Gabfest

"The intimacy of this film reaches people on a gut level, showing the power of children's play on its own terms."

Morgan Leichter Saxby, Play Advocate & Founder of Pop Up Adventure Play

"I am so grateful for your film—it started such robust, complex conversations with our new staff."

Megan, The New Children’s Museum

"My favorite part of class was definitely our guest Erin Davis and viewing The Land while she was present. I love the individualism and freedom expressed by the children there. It really got me thinking."

Middlebury College student

"In half an hour this film will change everything you think you believe. By you, I mean kids, parents, teachers, city managers, humans. It doesn't have any overt agenda or philosophizing about overprotective parenting, or a coddled generation. Nonetheless in scene after natural scene the truth becomes obvious: With a little bit of creativity, empathy and guidance, children can be freed to experience a much more fun, adventurous and fulfilling childhood."

Hanna Rosin, The Atlantic