Hurdle reveals an intimate story emerging from the actions of Palestinian youth living under military occupation. Sami and Mohammad teach the creative practices of parkour and photography to the youth of their communities as a means to overcome seemingly inescapable obstacles.

There are young men living in the shadow of a wall. And somehow, they seem to fly... The film is called "Hurdle," and it has its New York Premiere tonight..."

The New York Times

In the shadow of a wall stands a new generation of Palestinian. With defiant creativity they prove that no matter the height of the obstacle, one can always climb.

Hurdle reveals an important and intimate story emerging from the hearts and actions of Palestinian youth as the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian territories reached its 50th year. This new generation responds to a world of walls, checkpoints and arrests in an unexpected and inspiring way. Hurdle ’s protagonists, Sami and Mohammad, begin teaching the creative practices of parkour and photography, respectively, to the youth of their communities as a means to overcome the personal and political obstacles that often feel inescapable. Though these young men are separated by a wall, they are united in leading the next generation toward freedom and self-determination through creative practices.

With breathtaking visuals, amazing access and action-packed scenes, Hurdle provides an opportunity for a diverse audience to connect on a human level with a community that is underrepresented in the mainstream narrative. Hurdle not only documents the evolution of an age-old conflict, but stands as a harbinger as the global conversation focuses on wall-building and dehumanizing “the other.”

Versions and More Information:

DVD Includes: 87 Minute Theatrical Version (+Audio Description Closed Captions), 62 Minute Version (+ADCC), and 87 Minute Director's Commentary Version 

Stream - 87 Minute Theatrical Version (+ADCC) or 62 Minute Version (+ADCC)



“...a visual and emotional look at freedom and how it often has to come from within…”

- Mungle Show

“harrowingly candid...offering a fresh look at the conflict that’s shaped millions of lives in the Middle East.”

- Texas Observer


- Paper City Magazine

“Hurdle is an ambitious doc, poised for international interest with a premise snapped to current headlines.”

- Premium Beat

“Hurdle offers new perspective on resistance with these two men leading the next generation of Palestinian to fight oppression in a non-violent way.”

- Film Threat

“...expertly shot in a way that engages the viewer on multiple levels.”

- Mungle Show

“Hurdle certainly makes the viewer imagine Sami and his crew as superheroes, poised to fly across roofs, tumble through large squares and jump from one obstacle to the next.”

- E. Nina Rothe
Director's Commentary: 

As the Israeli military occupation of the Palestinian Territories reached its 50th year, the greater global political conversation has also shifted towards wall-building and demonizing “the other.” I believe that Hurdle audiences will walk away not only entertained, but better informed and equipped with a deeply human story of our characters. Their resilience in the face of hardship and their profound use of creativity as a means to find personal freedom has left me inspired and humbled to share part of their story. My hope is that audiences see these young men (and who they represent globally) in a new light—with beauty, complexity, hope and with a determination to practice their freedom.