Hailed as "remarkable" by Teacher Librarian and "enthusiastically recommended" by Video Librarian, Heart of the Sea is a breathtaking portrait of surf legend Rell "Kapolioka'ehukai" Sunn, founding member of the Women's Professional Surfing Association and beloved breast cancer activist. With exhilarating water scenes and captivating archival footage of surf culture, Heart of the Sea is an important look at Hawaii's integral part of America's rich cultural heritage.

Highly Recommended. This film will enhance Asian American and general Social Studies collections in school, college and university libraries.

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A tribute to an exceptional woman athlete as well as a moving introduction to the culture - especially surfing culture - of Hawai'i.

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HEART OF THE SEA is a love poem to Hawaii's matriarchal heritage.

Bay Area Reporter

Brilliant and Moving

Outside Magazine

My favorite of all the years entries, is the amazing tale of the Hawaiian surfing champion Rell Sunn... luminous, amazingly brave, Sunn is one of the most heroic documentary subject in memory

San Francisco Chronicle