A portrait of a community of four generations of women surfers in Santa Cruz.
Year Released
Film Length(s)
23 mins


Set in Santa Cruz, California, Swell features women longboard surfers whose ages span four generations. It is a portrait of a community which shares their best waves, embraces new comers as well as old timers and comes together in a beautiful memorial, to show respect to the one they lost in the water, surfing. Swell is setting the record straight by revealing that women do surf and do it well!

Featured review

Swell, as its name implies, builds and crashes, moving us to ride out the emotional wave of the filmmaker's vision triumphantly.
Women of Vision
Women of Vision


A Beautifully Intelligent and Poignant Film
San Jose Mercury News
San Jose Mercury News
A Sensitive and Artful inspection of people who surf
The Surfer’s Journal
The Surfer’s Journal

Awards and Screenings

Gold Apple Award National Educational Media Network, 1997
Best Representation of Women Award Humboldt Film Festival, 1997
Isabella Liddell Art Award Ann Arbor Film Festival, 1997
2 Stars Canadian International Film and Video Festival, 1997
Honorable Mention Marin County Film Festival, 1997

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