Chris and Bernie is an intimate portrait of two 25 year old women, both working and divorced with young children.

"One doesn't have to be a single mother to be moved by the film and to identify with Chris and Bernie. It is a very personal document of what happens when the 'all-American girl' grows up and must take responsibilty for herself and her child. An excellent film for use in schools, employment programs, career counselling and just about everywhere."

Linda Small & Deena Peterson, Women's Action Alliance

The film explores the problems they face, the solutions they've found and their hopes for the future.


"Chris and Bernie offers a close, non-judgmental look at a relationship, lifestyle, solution or alternative that will interest viewers of all ages. Its film qualities make it also a window on two pleasant people who are hard to forget. Portrayed honestly and realistically, Chris and Bernie records a facet of life with images that provoke discussion and thought. It will be endlessly useful for library programs and schools."

Connie McCarthy, Film News

"Chris and Bernie shows shared family life as an alternative life-style to either being married or single. The mothers rotate housework, baby-sitting, and jobs to give eachother a mutual opportunity to pursue their respective careers, Chris as a nurse and Bernie as a carpenter. This articulate study explores the frustrations, hostilities and sense of achievement that the women have in common as well as the overwhelming responsibility of their multiple role:mother, father, breadwinner and psychological counselor."

Linda Gross, The Los Angeles Times

"Focusing on the special needs and problems of single parents, Chris and Bernie is a moving documentary about two 25 year old women, both working and divorced with young children. The problems they face, the solutions they've found, and their hopes for the future are clear and powerful in this warm, lively and well-made film."

Media and Methods

"There is little doubt as to the courage and sincerity of Chris and Bernie... these 'new women' on and off the screen, are a tribute to the new feminism and also captivate the eye and ear."

A.H. Weiler, The New York Times