Bonnie Friedman

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A member of New Day Films since 1974, Bonnie has been involved in the production of over 200 film projects. She began making documentaries as a member of Newsreel, where she was one of the few women to work in the Newsreel film lab. In 1972, she co-founded one of the first women's film companies, Pandora Films, and produced How About You?, a film on birth control and sexuality for high school students and later, Chris and Bernie, the first film to deal with the issue of single parents.

Bonnie's other films distributed by New Day are The Flashettes, the classic inspirational film about an inner city girls' track team, selected for the Top Ten Film List by the American Library Association and The Last to Know, the groundbreaking film on women, alcoholism and prescription drug abuse. Premiering at the New York Film Festival and considered "the most important film on the issue," this film has garnered many awards at festivals both here and abroad.

Bonnie has worked in all aspects of film/video from shooting documentaries to directing a series of dramatic shorts. She has received grants from the National Endowment for the Arts, New York State Council on the Arts, New Jersey State Council on the Arts, McDonald's Foundation, Arca Foundation, Playboy Foundation, Betty Claire McMurray Foundation, Women's Fund, Funding Exchange, and others. Her award winning films have been widely distributed throughout the United States and internationally in theatres, on television, at film festivals, conferences, museums, schools, colleges, universities, unions, hospitals,treatment programs and community groups.

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