This groundbreaking film explores the power of youth and beauty in the gay community. A diverse group of gay men, ages 19 to 77, negotiate their fears of becoming old, undesirable and alone.

"Complex, sharp, disturbing, compassionate. The big connections in the film crackle and linger: between masculinity and loneliness, between age, AIDS and visibility, between the pursuit of wisdom and the pursuit of beauty. A terrific teaching tool."

Joshua Gamson, Professor of Sociology, University of San Francisco

The film critically examines the pressure to look young and attractive, lack of positive older role models and ways in which AIDS intensifies the fear and process of aging. Beauty Before Age offers a male perspective on a historically female issue and illuminates the larger societal obsession with physical appearance.


"Astonishing... highly recommended for all gay, and most generally comprehensive, collections."

K. Glaser, Video Librarian

"Provocative... the aging of the gay community now makes a discussion of the issues raised by this film essential."

Jay Ruby, Visual Anthropology Review, Vol. 16, #2

"Outstanding production values and provocative subject content."

Ellen Greenblatt, Educational Media Reviews Online

"Precise yet elegant - recommended to students of social and behavioral sciences, as well as public health organizations."

A. M. Williams, Department of Anthropology, Yale University