Care pulls back the curtain on the poignant and largely hidden world of in-home elder care. Beautifully shot and deeply moving, the film reveals the complex nature of care work, the intimate bonds that form between care workers and elders—and the cracks in a system that is poorly serving both. 




"Superb… every frame bursts with pathos and humanity…. impossible to watch at a remove."





Although we’d rather not think about it, we’re all aging. And if we’re lucky enough to live a long life, most of us will need help.  90% of Americans want to age at home, but who will provide the care we’ll need? 

Care depicts the beauty and social importance of home-based care. It also reveals the cracks in a system that leaves workers earning poverty wages and families struggling to pay for the care they need. The film raises critical questions to invite dialogue and engagement before we hit a care crisis.    

The first documentary to explore the world of home elder care, Care follows the moving stories of care workers and their clients. We meet undocumented Vilma, who lovingly cares for fiercely independent 93 year-old Dee. We go to work with Laurie, mother of 5, who tends to wheelchair-bound Larry in a tiny rural town. We meet Toni whose husband, a former television executive with Parkinson’s disease, who requires 24/7 help. 

Care sparks essential conversations about how we can care for each other -- honoring both the needs of our aging loved ones and the needs of the workforce who tend to them. 





“One of the most thought provoking films at DOC NYC this year."





“A powerful tale of dedication... through the eyes of workers and clients caught in our woefully inadequate home health care system.”





“Passionate, intimate, uplifting and at the same time heart-breaking and profoundly chilling."