Your brain is a station with millions of channels. One faulty signal and you can't control your body anymore. The problem is, no one knows which channel. And for people with dystonia, the search for the right signal puts them on the front line in cracking the code of the brain. 

"TWISTED is an extraordinary film that captures both what it is like to live with dystonia and to go through Deep Brain Stimulation surgery, but even goes beyond that: it's a love story, a drama, a story about the human experience, and an educational piece all in one. TWISTED should be shown in all medical schools and hospitals.

Dr. Mahlon Delong Professor of Neurology, Emory Hospital

When she was 17, independent producer Laurel Chiten hopped in a friend's car and woke up in an ambulance. Months later, her head began to twitch. But it was more than 20 years before she was diagnosed with a neurological disorder called dystonia. Now she leads us on an almost science fiction-like trip to the frontier of medicine. And into the mystery of who we are. Skin deep. Brain deep. Neuron deep. Or something even deeper? Chiten's narration connects the stories of Pat Brogan, a basketball coach and triathlete who developed dystonia after a bike accident; Shari Tritt, whose dystonia affects her whole body, and Remy Campbell, an artist who gambled on a radical form of brain surgery--and won. Together, these individuals try to answer the question, when you are trapped inside your body, what will set you free?


Twisted" which deftly interweaves animation and special effects throughout is anything but a dry medical documentary, serving up an equal mix of laughter and tears in its insightful look at this complex, puzzling condition. Highly recommended

Video Librarian

"TWISTED" is a success. Not only because of filmmakers personal connection to the topic but because of the film's fascinating and complex cast of characters. Its funky enough to be an art-house flick and brimming with larger themes about how people set themselves free. Part joy, part despair, TWISTED also explores the wonders and limitations of medical breakthroughs.

The Santa Fe New Mexican

This well-produced program offers insight into the complexities of the often misdiagnosed, incurable disorder dystonia.


The remarkable thing about Chiten's documentary is the vibrant tenderness and great good humor with which she introduces us to the lives of these extradorinarily ordinary people who endure incessant misunderstanding.

Santa Fe Reporter