Art is one of the oldest activities on Earth, even predating science or math. But too often we forget it is a basic part of a balanced, healthy life. And women and art rarely get serious attention in our culture. Older women in art are virtually ignored. TRIPTYCH showcases 3 women who are vital and productive well into their seventies.

"A well-produced, colorful visit to the work spaces and into the minds of older women artists. This is highly recommended."

Video Librarian, * * * 1/2

TRIPTYCH is about three women in their seventies who've devoted their entire adult lives to making art. They show us what they do and how they do it. Lana Wilson is a mother and grandmother who has used her seemingly boundless energy to become a well known ceramic artist. Jeanne DuPrau, author of The City of Ember is a New York Times best selling children's writer. And Nan Golub, a lesbian painter living in New York City, studied with Richard Diebenkorn and Deborah Remington and has been compared to Rufino Tomayo.


"Pablo Casals was asked why he continued practicing the cello at age 90. He replied, 'Because I think I'm making progress.' TRIPTYCH stirred faith in me - if these women artists are still excited and growing deeper and wiser in their art at the age of 70 and beyond... WELL - I too shall forge on!"

Susan Taunton, Wild Blue Pixel Website Design

"TRIPTYCH made me feel cheerful and energetic about my own work and my own success. I've felt some doubts, in my 50s, about whether I will continue to improve as a writer and have more success. But seeing 3 women in their 70s who are at the top of their game was just terrific for me."

Gillian Kendall, Writer, "Curve Magazine"

"TRIPTYCH has helped me understand a little bit about what undergirds creations that become recognized as 'Art.'"

Carla Barber-Cramer

"Beautifully conceived -- beautifully edited."

Joyce Converse, Painter and Poet

"TRIPTYCH made me feel like I really do have something to offer as I age."

Ellen Gordon, Gordon Design Associates

"I am so moved by this high level quality film. It captures spirited years of hard earned development with lively, brilliant truth. Every artist, including writers, male or female, will benefit greatly."

Lois Sunrich, Founding Director, Story Arts, Inc.

"TRIPTYCH captivated me from the beginning. It's a joy to see people engaged in making something for the pure satisfaction of doing it well."

Charlotte Muse, Poet, "A Story Also Grows"
Director's Commentary: 

As an older woman myself, I’m more and more fascinated by what happens to us as we age.