The Smith Family

One Mormon familys extraordinary struggle with faith and forgiveness amidst infidelity, homosexuality and AIDS.
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On her ninth wedding anniversary, Kim's perfect life is shattered when she learns that her husband Steve has been having affairs with men. Three years later, she discovers she is HIV-positive. Despite criticism from her family and the church, Kim makes an uncommon choice.

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Riveting and emotionally charged
Scott Foundas


The Smiths of Salt Lake City may have Americas most common surname, but their story is anything but ordinary. With two boys, a dog, a nice house and a strong commitment to the Mormon Church, Steve and Kim Smith believed they had achieved the American dream. But after nine years of marriage, shattering revelations of betrayal came enough to test the strongest bonds of faith and love. When Steve confesses to infidelities with men, and they both find they are HIV+, Kim makes an unlikely choice. The Smith Family is a searing account of one familys struggle to preserve family and faith, while redefining forgiveness in the face of daunting tragedy.</p> <p>For more information on The Smith Family please visit


On Tuesday'd do well to watch... A family whose story is heartbreaking to view, too stunning to miss... tender, emotional, unforgettable.
Howard Rosenberg
Los Angeles Times
Simultaneously sad and inspirational, "The Smith Family" is a brilliant first documentary from director Tasha Oldham.
David Zurawik
Baltimore Sun
...evocative film from director Tasha Oldham.... a tribute both to the concepts of family and love, and to Kim's own spirit and strength.
Allan Johnson
Chicago Tribune
...a touching tale of faith, hope and love. It's nothing short of amazing.
John Levesque
Seattle Post Intelligencer
This remarkable a fine opening act for the 15th season of PBS's outstanding documentary series 'P.O.V. The film brims with social relevance.
John Ruch
Boston Herald
An intimate story told with great care that will simultaneously piss off and inspire plenty of people. And that's why "The Smith Family" is worthy of our time.
Fred McKissack Jr.
The Progressive

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