A timely and compelling story of survival, Stories of Change presents portraits of four ethically diverse women- Hispanic, Caucasian, Vietnamese and African-American- who surmount alcoholism, drug abuse, poverty, illiteracy and cultural barriers.

"Excellent! A powerful portrait of four women whose spirit of independence, self-worth and self esteem refuses to be broken by racism, sexism, and classism."

Alma Garcia, Professor of Sociology and Ethnic Studies, Santa Clara University

Reaching deep inside themselves, these courageous women find self-confidence, dignity, and a renewed sense of purpose. Stories of Change gives hope and inspiration to all people facing difficult challenges in their lives.


"Powerful, poignant, intimate, healing... this film is a must for teachers, trainers, and those of us involved in gender, class and race issues."

Wayne Maeda, Resource Consultant, California State Dept. of Education

"A testament to the resilience and will of the human spirit, this film is another winning program from filmmaker Tollini, who explored incest in Breaking Silence"