Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement

Three Cities, Three Departments, One Common Goal.
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20 mins
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A companion to New Day's Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America, the 20-minute film explores best practices in three jurisdictions: Duluth, MN, home of the influential "Duluth Model;" Baltimore, MD, home of an infamously high crime rate; and the South Bronx, the nation's busiest domestic violence patrol area. Seasoned officers responding to tense, actual domestic calls show how to safely approach a fighting couple, interview, determine primary aggressor, gather evidence and write strong reports. Top brass discuss how to increase the effectiveness of officers and also look at longer range strategies.

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This is an excellent documentary and training tool that should be a part of every training section's library.
Dave Thomas
Public Safety Leadership, Johns Hopkins


Domestic Violence and Health Care, another companion film to Power and Control, is also available from New Day.

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