Peter Cohn

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Peter Cohn is a NYC based filmmaker and writer. His most recent film is Holy Land, a documentary about the West Bank conflict, recounting a dramatic year in the lives of Israeli settlers and the Israelis and Palestinians who oppose them. He is currently developing a film on the corruptive influence of money in Washington.

Cohn's previous New Day release was Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America, available along with the more specialized companion films, Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement and Domestic Violence and Health Care. The film is widely used in higher education and in domestic violence shelters, groups, agencies and in the military. Cohn's inaugural New Day release, Golden Venture, is about the Chinese immigrants who came to America aboard the Golden Venture, a freighter that ran aground off New York in 1993. Golden Venture has been added to the collections of more than 600 universities, colleges and high schools. Drunks, another Cohn-directed film available through New Day, is a groundbreaking dramatic feature about Alcoholics Anonymous.

New Day Films by Peter Cohn

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