Reframe & Refresh: New Perspectives on Asian and Muslim Identity in America

Text reads Reframe and Refresh New Perspectives on Asian and Muslim identity in America Thur 4/25 2pm ET over orange background next to portraits in circles of 4 people Julie Mallozzi, Lailanie Gadia, Sofian Khan, Larissa Lam

Join us Thursday, April 25th at 2pm ET for this engaging conversation on "New Perspectives on Asian and Muslim Identity in America” with Sofian Khan, producer of An Act of Worship, Julie Mallozzi, director of Monkey Dance and Once Removed as well as Lailanie Gadia, Asian American Documentary Network (A-Doc) Operations Director. The conversation will be moderated by Larissa Lam, director of Far East Deep South. We'll learn from the panelists about how their work examines different facets of Asian American and Muslim American identity. We'll also discuss the dangers of seeing groups as monoliths and the importance of recognizing diversity within groups. Auto-captions will be available.

REFRAME & REFRESH is a series for the education and filmmaking community to have refreshing conversations that reframe our perspectives.


Location: Virtual event
Date and time: Thu, April 25 2024 at 2:00 PM ET

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