New Releases 2023 - Spring Edition

In this still from the film Upstream, Downriver, a group of children are outdoors linking arms.

In the first quarter of 2023, New Day Films has come out of the shoot like gangbusters, with five new additions to our collection, all addressing contemporary social justice and political issues with vision and creativity, in ways that stimulate discussion, critical thinking and social action.

Here is a list of our latest 2023 New Releases. Please watch the trailers and visit their pages for more about these impactful films and their filmmakers:

An Act of Worship, produced by Sofian Khan and directed by Nausheen Dadabhoy, explores the impact of anti-Muslim rhetoric and policy on young Muslims who came of age after 9/11. This film was a 2022 Tribeca Film Festival selection and made its broadcast premiere on the PBS series, POV.

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Safe Haven, by Lisa Molomot and Alison Mountz, weaves together compelling stories of U.S. war resisters who sought refuge in Canada during wars in Vietnam and Iraq. Developed with the support of a Fulbright Scholarship, this film exposes the realities and myths of Canada as a refuge.

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Sometimes I Wonder Who I Am, by Liane Brandon (one of the four founders of New Day Films) is a poignant portrait of a young mother examining her life choices in the early days of the women’s movement. This classic film is newly restored and digitized with a grant from the Women’s Film Preservation Fund.

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Loving With Three Hearts / Amar con tres corazones, by Patty Berne and Nomy Lamm, is a revealing behind-the-scenes look at eight disabled artists, as they collectively create a performance about the effects of climate chaos on their lives. As one featured character poignantly states, “the regime that we're living under really, really sees the planet itself and our lives as disposable and I think disability justice at the intersection of climate justice really disrupts that…"

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Upstream, Downriver, by Maggie Burnette Stogner, takes viewers into the heart of the battle with frontline community activists fighting for water equity, policy enforcement, and climate justice. Celebrating 50 years since the Clean Water Act was originally passed, this film provides historical context to the bill.

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In these dynamic times of both turmoil and increasing social activism, New Day Films continues to produce films that offer fresh perspectives, make a difference, and help students, educators and the public-at-large grapple with the social issues affecting our communities and the world around us.

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