Patty Berne

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Patricia Berne is the director of Sins Invalid, and is a Co-Founder of the Sins Invalid performance project. A first time filmmaker, Berne's experiences as a Japanese-Haitian queer disabled woman provide grounding for her work creating “liberated zones” for marginalized voices.

Her professional background includes offering mental health support to survivors of violence; advocacy for immigrants who seek asylum due to war and torture; support work for the Guatemalan democratic movement and within the Haitian diaspora; work with incarcerated youth toward alternatives to the criminal legal system; advocating for LGBTQI community and disability rights perspectives within the field of reproductive and genetic technologies and cultural activism to centralize marginalized voices, particularly those of people with disabilities.

New Day Films by Patty Berne

Awards & Accolades

Kansai Queer Film Festival, Osaka, Japan, October 2013
Inside Out Film Festival, Toronto, Canada, June 2014
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