I Am New Day: Mina T. Son

November 25, 2014
I gravitate towards making films in different languages and cultures, which poses numerous challenges but ultimately is an incredibly fulfilling experience, which is probably why I keep making them.

New Day Films for January & February

November 23, 2014
January 18, 2015 is World Religion Day

Granito wins 2014 BritDoc Impact Award

November 23, 2014
New Day is proud to announce that Granito, by Pamela Yates, Paco de Onis and Peter Kinoy, has received a 2014 BRITDOC Impact Award.

New Day Films Cross the Globe

November 21, 2014
by Isabel Hill, New Day member Through the American Film Showcase, New Day members are finding new audiences in countries as varied as the Dominican Republic, South Korea, Uzbekistan and Zimbabwe. In the process, they are introducing filmmakers to the documentary genre and expanding understanding of the vital role independent media can have in social change.

New Day at the National Media Market

November 8, 2014
New Day will be making an appearance at the National Media Market, the premier conference for educational media. If you're around, please drop by Suite 210 to say hello! Embassy Suites Charleston Area Convention Center 5055 International Boulevard Suite 210 (2nd floor) Charleston, South Carolina 29418 November 8-12

I Am New Day: Ellen Bruno

October 31, 2014
I have spent most of my adult life working with survivors of traumatic circumstances including war, genocide, disease, and slavery, first as a relief worker and then as a documentary filmmaker. These experiences have taught me again and again the resilience of the human spirit and the healing power of compassion.

Why Make Personal Social Issue Films?

October 31, 2014
By Greta Schiller, New Day Member Nana, Mom and Me

New Day Films for December

October 29, 2014
December is Universal Human Rights Month

Tips for Using New Day Films in the Classroom

October 1, 2014
Choose films that tell a compelling story. Stories provide the conduit for conveying information. Most people don’t remember pure facts - but we are hard-wired to remember stories. Ask students to share their own stories as a counterpoint to the film’s stories.

New Day at the People's Climate March

September 29, 2014
New Day filmmakers joined more than 300,000 people at the People’s Climate March on September 21 in New York City, adding our collective voice to the growing effort to force global leaders to address climate change. For post-march activities, check out New Day’s extensive collection of environmental titles here.