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Questions about joining the New Day Films cooperative

Does New Day provide completion funds for film projects?

No. New Day only considers films for submission once they are completed. New Day offers limited financial support through our Launch Fund for filmmakers joining the coop.

Does New Day accept fiction films or only documentaries?

New Day accepts social issue films, whether they are documentary or fiction. For more details on joining New Day, please go to Apply To Join Us.

Does New Day accept short films and series?

We welcome short films and series. Shorter-running films can be particularly well-suited to the classroom, because they allow time for both screening and discussion.

Can I join New Day if I live outside of the United States?

Until recently, New Day has not accepted applications from filmmakers living outside the US, largely because it would have been difficult for them to participate in our working committees and in-person meetings. Technology has changed that and our commitment to broadening the social-issue perspectives of our collection has led us to change our policy.

We now welcome applications to New Day Films from filmmakers living abroad. If you have a social issue film you believe would do well in the US educational market and if you like the cooperative model and are committed to doing the necessary work, we now welcome your application to New Day Films. Visit our Apply To Join Uspage to learn more about how to apply and register for an introductory webinar.

Does New Day offer any jobs?

No. As a cooperative, New Day does not have any employees.

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