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Information on prices and purchasing from New Day Films.

Purchasing Questions

How do I order a title?

To get started, select a film, go to its main page, and click on “View Purchasing Options.” Select a purchase option from the dropdown menu and add it to your cart. You can complete the purchase via credit card or with a purchase order (streams purchased via PO are activated during business hours: Monday - Friday, 9 AM - 5 PM EST).

Can I preview the film before purchasing?

Feel free to contact the filmmaker of any title by clicking the mail icon next to their picture on the film’s page and request a free 3-day preview link.

What institutions qualify for the community group prices?

Most of our films have lower prices for non-profit community groups. Colleges, universities, and hospitals pay the institutional price. Most non-profit organizations, public libraries, and smaller community groups qualify for the discounted rate. A lower rate is also available for elementary, middle and high schools, both public and private. You may contact a filmmaker directly if your institution would like to purchase a film and has funding constraints.

Can I stream New Day titles?

Our films stream directly from the New Day Films website. Licenses range from two weeks to in-perpetuity (Life of File). Requests for downloadable video files (Digital Site Licenses) can be made through an individual filmmaker. A small number of titles on our site offer three-day personal streams not licensed for group or classroom viewing. Most New Day Films titles are also available via Kanopy.

How does New Day come up with their film prices?

Our prices are similar to those of other comparable educational distributors. The higher than consumer cost includes educational rights, which are more extensive than those granted with consumer licenses. Given the number of people who can watch a film at a single institution, as well as our need to make back the significant production costs and help support our future independent filmmaking, we charge standard educational distribution prices. If you are not affiliated with an institution, you can contact the filmmaker for individual sale pricing.

There are substantial discounts for multiple-title purchases. Please contact us about streaming the entire collection or tailoring a thematic or other package to fit your institutional needs.Please contact Karen Knox (orders@NewDay.com) or call 888-367-9154.

Can I purchase a New Day title as an individual?

New Day Films is an educational distributor. Most filmmakers have their own consumer film pricing and policies. Please visit the film's official website or click the mail icon next to a filmmaker’s picture on their film page to inquire about the specific title. If you purchase a license at the individual rate, it is for home use only. You will not be allowed to show it publicly, in the classroom, or any institution. Please respect and honor this policy.

Can students rent an individual title for research purposes?

In most instances, filmmakers will rent a copy to individuals. Please write to the filmmaker directly with your request. Again, please respect our policy, as these rentals are not for use in the classroom or for groups.

Is there a discount on a streaming license if I already one the DVD?

Yes. If you already own a DVD, you can purchase the streaming license at a discounted price. Contact our Central Office at orders@NewDay.com for more details.

Do your films have closed captions and audio description?

Nearly all of our titles have closed captions, or at a minimum, subtitles. A portion also have audio description. Look for the CC and AD icons under the title on a film's page. If you do not see this feature or another feature you are looking for, contact the filmmaker directly.

How do I arrange a New Day filmmaker to speak to my class or organization?

Many New Day filmmakers regularly speak about their films. Please contact the filmmaker directly via the mail icon on their film page to set this up.

Can I purchase New Day titles outside the US?

Yes. There should be no geographical limits on our streaming films. DVDs are available for overseas shipping for additional shipping and handling charges. If you have questions, please contact us at orders@NewDay.com. We are always happy to talk with you!

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