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We actively seek a diversity of voices among our members as well as in our film collection. Short and long-format documentary, fiction and experimental works are welcome.

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Because of recent phenomenal growth and interest, we are in the exciting position of re-examining our business model and growth capacity.  We want to keep what is best about our intimate, committed business, yet grow our model to expand opportunities for more filmmakers, distribute more social issue films to teachers and students, and work toward influencing more change in the world.

 If your film is accepted into the collection and you choose to join, you must sign New Day’s exclusive non-theatrical contract, and pay a $200 initiation fee. You will then receive a New Members booklet, which details New Day marketing and distribution best practices. You will also be assigned two buddies, one whose film is in a similar subject area to yours to assist you with finding your market, and a second to assist you with New Day’s processes and the nuts and bolts of direct marketing.

All new members are required to attend the first mid-year steering committee meeting in January and then the annual meeting in June their first two years in New Day. The cost for attending these meetings are shared equally among all active members of New Day.



JANUARY 6th, 2014 – Letter of Inquiry Deadline:  If you are interested in submitting your film to New Day please fill out our letter of inquiry form.  Our front door team will reach out and schedule a call with you.  If we feel like you would be a potential fit for our collection at this time we'll invite you to submit the full application.

JANUARY 22nd, 2014Round 1: Deadline for online application and 10 minute sample: The first round requires a written online application and a password-protected link to a 10-min selection from your film. Please choose your selection carefully. If you would like to provide context for the clip, please include this in the description section of Vimeo or YouTube.

EARLY MARCH, 2014 – Round 2: Applicants are notified if selected for Round 2: If you move on to Round 2, we will need a password-protected link to your entire finished film.

MID-APRIL, 2014 – Round 3: Applicants are notified if selected for Round 3: If you are selected as a Round 3 finalist we will need two DVD copies of your entire complete, picture-locked film.

MID-APRIL TO EARLY JUNE, 2014 – Finalist Screening and Interviewing: We'll go through our internal review process with all of the finalist films. You film will be reviewed by member-owners across New Day through our process of collective curation. During this time some of the finalists will be will be moved on to the interview stage and others will be notified if they are not moving forward.

MID-JUNE TO EARLY JULY, 2014 – Selected films are offered contracts with New Day.

FALL, 2014 – New Films Launch: New Member-Owners begin distributing their films to the academic market.

JANUARY, 2015 – New Member-Owners attend the Mid-Year Meeting. This will be new Member-Owners first introduction to our collaborative meeting process. Attendence by new Member-Owners is required.


  • Your film must address a social issue.
  • Your film should not be a "how-to" instructional tape or a corporate video.
  • Your film must be completed when you submit it. We can't accept rough cuts.
  • You must have secured releases and rights to all music, archival footage and stills used in your film for educational distribution.
  • You must have agreements in place with all copyright owners of the film authorizing you to distribute the film to the educational market.
  • You understand that New Day is a collective and that you will be required to contribute volunteer hours on behalf of New Day in addition to your own self-distribution efforts.
  • You understand that New Day makes decisions by consensus and that the organization's culture embraces participatory democracy.
  • You understand that unless granted special permission, you will not be able to make your film available to a home-video distributor for at least three years after joining New Day. (Although at screenings, you can sell copies for individual use.)
  • You must have your own funds to pay for initial promotional efforts (e.g. designing, printing, and mailing a brochure). There are many ways to do this, but we suggest that $2000 - $5000 is probably the very least you can start with.
  • Before you submit an application, you must have an in-depth conversation with at least one New Day member about membership benefits and responsibilities.
  • With rare exceptions, new members of New Day must live in the United States or Canada and be planning on marketing their films to the U.S. educational market.
  • While each member of New Day is allowed to set the price for his or her own film, pricing must be comparable to other New Day titles of similar lengths. We have a floor below which prices to the community and university markets can't fall.