Cohn's previous New Day release was Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America, available along with the more specialized companion films, Domestic Violence and Law Enforcment and Domestic Violence and Heatlh Care. The film is widely used in higher educatioin and in DV shelters, groups, agencies and in the military.   Cohn's inaugural New Day release, Golden Venture, is about the Chinese immigrants who came to America aboard the Golden Venture, a freighter that ran aground off New York in 1993. A record-breaking New Day best seller, Golden Venture has been added to the collections of more than 600 universities, colleges and high schools.   Drunks, another Cohn-directed film available through New Day, is a groundbreaking dramatic feature about Alcoholics Anonymous.

Films by Peter Cohn

Holy Land

With no preaching and an unflinching focus on the realities on the ground, Holy Land challenges conventional viewpoints about the Palestine-Israel conflict.  Educators find it to be a  valuable resource for balanced discussion around such flashpoint issues as BDS, the two-state solution and the US approach to peace negotiations.



For this groundbreaking 1996 production, an Oscar winner, two Oscar nominees and group of highly regarded major film actors gathered in a church basement in New York City to portray a group of alcoholics at an AA meeting. The stars include Richard Lewis (in his first dramatic lead), Faye Dunaway, Dianne Wiest, Parker Posey. Drunks also features the late Spalding Gray and Howard Rollins. Rounding out the cast are the young Calista Flockhart and Sam Rockwell. The New York Times called it "superbly realized." The Boston Herald critic praised the film as "a powerhouse of drama, humor and heart."

Golden Venture

In what was the largest apprehension of undocumented immigrants in US history, the grounding of the freighter Golden Venture off a New York City beach became a crucial turning point in the legal and political battle over US immigration policy.

Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America

Kim seeks safety and a new  life in a Duluth, MN domestic violence shelter.  She bravely struggles to understand herself better and find an independent new life.  A comprehensive and timely exploration of the shocking persistence of domestic violence in our society,  Power and Control has been added to the collections of hundreds of academic libararies and is in wide use in domestic violence shelters and advocacy groups.  Also of interest are two companion videos: Domestic Violence in Law Enforcement and Domestic Violence and Health Care, two shorter, most specialized videos, also available from New Day.   All films are available on DVD and via a wide variety of flexible streaming options.


Domestic Violence and Health Care

A companion to the New Day documentary Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America, this 20 minute film offers an inside look at the highly regarded domestic violence program at Mercy Medical Center in Baltimore, MD. Doctors and nurses in the ER, the mother-baby unit, pre-op and the sexual assault forensics unit share candid observations about domestic violence prevention and offer specific, practical suggestions. The film profiles the coordinator of Mercy's family violence program and also includes an interview with Jacquelyn Campbell of Johns Hopkins, a leading expert on the health impact of domestic violence.


Domestic Violence and Law Enforcement

A companion to New Day's Power and Control: Domestic Violence in America, the 20-minute film explores best practices in three jurisdictions: Duluth, MN, home of the influential "Duluth Model;" Baltimore, MD, home of an infamously high crime rate; and the South Bronx, the nation's busiest domestic violence patrol area. Seasoned officers responding to tense, actual domestic calls show how to safely approach a fighting couple, interview, determine primary aggressor, gather evidence and write strong reports. Top brass discuss how to increase the effectiveness of officers and also look at longer range strategies.