Chiten has been an independent filmmaker for over twenty years. Before working in film, Chiten was involved in deaf theatre as a writer and director. In 1988, she released her first video, Two in Twenty, a five episode satirical soap opera which became a cult classic and is now distributed in home video markets. Chiten produced and directed a 10 part series based on Robin Casarjians book Houses of Healing, a self study guide on emotional awareness utilized in prisons nationwide. Laurel was an artist in residence at the Bellagio Conference and Study Center sponsored by Rockefeller Foundation. She was also honored with an artist residency at Yaddo in 1996 and recently The MacDowell Colony in May. She was also a documentary juror at the Florida Film Festival 2001. She was a teacher at Boston Film and Video Foundation, and Maine Photographic Workshops, and a lecturer around the world including a yearly speaker at Harvard Medical School and guest speaker at many universities and synagogues. Laurel is now focused on helping filmmakers learn to think like entrepreauners, teaching digitial marketing tactics and strategies for both impact and income. 

Films by Laurel Chiten


Your brain is a station with millions of channels. One faulty signal and you can't control your body anymore. The problem is, no one knows which channel. And for people with dystonia, the search for the right signal puts them on the front line in cracking the code of the brain. 

Twitch and Shout

Twitch and Shout provides an intimate journey into the startling world of Tourette Syndrome (TS) told through the eyes of a photojournalist with TS.

The Jew in the Lotus

In 1990, eight Jewish delegates traveled to Dharamsala, India, to meet with the XIV Dalai Lama of Tibet and share 'the secret of Jewish sprititual survival in exile.'