Transgender Awareness Month

A still from the New Day film Prodigal Sons. A young man faces the camera with a slightly surprised expression as if he wasn’t expecting a picture to be taken. His sister, New Day filmmaker Kimberly Reed rests her hand on his shoulder. She is standing behind him and facing to the side with a drink in her hand. Behind her is a window with trees outside.

November is also Transgender Awareness Month, a time to raise visibility of and expose challenges faced by transgender and gender non-conforming people. New Day’s catalogue includes a number of films about trans people.

In Prodigal Sons, a trans woman returns home to Helena, Montana, and confronts her complicated relationship with her brother, opening the doorway to a journey of revelations. Trinidad acquaints viewers with three trans women whose paths cross in Trinidad, Colorado, the “sex-change capital of the world.” The Year We Thought About Love is a story about a queer youth theater project, and includes the coming out process of a young black trans woman. See our full collection.

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