Films for July and August

July and August commemorative month highlights.

July 17th is International Criminal Justice Day. July 17th marks the establishment of the Rome Statute for the International Criminal Court (ICC), the world’s only permanent international court with a mandate to investigate and prosecute genocide, crimes against humanity, and war crimes. Over the past year, we have added important films in our Law and Criminal Justice collection, many of which address the work of the ICC.

August 12th is International Youth Day. The theme of the United Nations‘ of International Youth Day 2014 is “Mental Health Matters”. According to the U.N., “on a global level, it is estimated that approximately 20 per cent of adolescents and youth experience a mental health condition each year.” Check out the many voices represented in our films about youth.

Two young girls of color stand back to back on a swing. The girl on the left is wearing a black t-shirt and hoop earrings while the girl on the right is wearing a blue t-shirt and red visor. They are both smiling.

August 26th is Women’s Equality Day. This year, we are celebrating the 94th anniversary of national women’s suffrage, an important step towards equality in a world where there is still much work to be done. New Day started as a feminist co-op and has some of the earliest feminist titles. Enjoy our vast Women’s and Gender Studies collection.

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